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When we cosy up beside our roaring fire, we give no thought to what is going up our chimney flue. The unfortunate fact is, chimneys that are not cleaned regularly can cause fires. 

Fireplaces and freestanding wood fires are designed to safely contain wood-fuelled fires, while providing heat for a home. The chimneys (or flues) that serve them have the job of expelling the substances given off when wood burns.

As these substances exit the wood fire and flow up into the relatively cooler chimney, condensation occurs. This resulting residue that sticks to the inner walls of the chimney is called creosote and is highly combustible.

Creosote is produced in varying quantities from wood, and is commonly found inside chimney flues when the wood burns incompletely - producing soot and smoke. 

If it builds up in sufficient quantities and is not removed, it can ignite and cause a chimney fire. In actual fact as little as 2-5mm creosote build up inside the flue can ignite.

The New Zealand Fire Service is called to around 600 chimney fires in New Zealand every year. One of the biggest dangers of creosote fires inside a chimney is they often burn undetected – by the time the homeowner realises there is a fire, it might already have spread to other areas of the house.

The good news is, if you have your wood fire professionally cleaned at least once a year you will significantly reduce the risk of a fire in your home.

As a rule, if you have used your fireplace more often than once a fortnight during winter months, your chimney should be cleaned once or twice a year.

About Us

We pride ourselves on being the longest established chimney sweep business in Franklin district. Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance and as a result, we are committed to meeting those needs. A high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We are members of the New Zealand Home Heating Association.  

We offer a full service including bird nest removal, installation of mesh cage if required, assessment and repairs if needed, as well as providing an insurance receipt.

We would welcome the opportunity to keep your fireplace clean, eliminate any fire hazard, and give you peace of mind.

Please contact us for further information, or to schedule your chimney clean.


Single chimney central Franklin $80

Single chimney outer districts $85

Two chimneys within house $120

Mesh cage $40

Maintenance as required (priced on site)


Franklin district, Auckland


Flexible hours to suit your schedule 7 days per week.